We know how overwhelming a regular house clean can feel, let alone trying to tackle a deep clean. Following we will discuss some easy tips and tricks to make a deep clean easier and more thorough.

Before you begin your deep clean, it’s best to do a preliminary declutter and organise of your home. Pop the sheets in the washing machine, get dirty plates in the dishwasher, put important paperwork away in a safe spot. This will help greatly when you begin cleaning as you won’t have to be constantly picking up and moving items around as you clean.
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Before you vacuum and mop, ensure you do other tasks like dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, cleaning windows, cleaning bench tops etc. This is because inevitably, some excess dust and debris will end up falling on the floor and carpet when you are cleaning these areas. If you were to vacuum and mop before doing these tasks first, you would have to repeat again to get things looking spotless, wasting time and energy.

Some areas that are commonly forgotten that can make the biggest impact in an overall clean include: skirting boards, cobwebs in corners, bed sheets, windows, stove top, outside of cupboards and fridges, and door handles.

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