Do you find that despite having a regular cleaning schedule, your home is still looking a lot less clean than you would like? Today we will look at four areas that when attended to can help to dramatically make your home look cleaner. If you’re thinking of getting some home cleaning services, add these to your list of must dos to make your home look cleaner.


Dusty, dirty, and smudged windows can make your home look a lot less clean then what it is. Clean windows allow more light to come into your home, making it brighter, warmer, and more cheerful looking, and give a great view to the outside.


Windowsills and window tracks are an often-neglected cleaning chore as these spots can be particularly difficult to clean. However, it’s an important area to clean as a lot of dirt, dust and dead insects can get trapped in there. Every time you open close your window you are then disturbing this gunk and spreading it into your airspace.


Kids, pets, moving furniture and everyday life can leave your walls with scuff marks and stains. It can leave your home looking dull and a lot drearier than it is.


There’s nothing like getting clean and going to bed with fresh, crisp, clean smelling sheets. Getting the linen and pillows out into the sunlight every now and again is also important to help kill bacteria and reduce dust mites.

We here at Home Style Cleaning offer a variety of home cleaning services. From regular general cleaning, to a one off deep clean to make your home sparkle, to bond cleans, and more, we have you covered. Give our friendly team a call today to see what home cleaning services are right for you.