Are you sick of coming home to what is supposed to be your freshly cleaned home only to find that the so called “professional cleaners” you hired have done a less than satisfactory job? You’re not the only one. In fact, this was just one of the reasons why Kristina began Home Style Cleaning. She was fed up with “professional cleaners” who couldn’t do the job right, had poor communication and customer service skills, and who wouldn’t turn up when they were supposed to. Kristina saw that there was a lack of punctual, professional, and friendly cleaners available, and thus Home Style Cleaning was born.

With a background in hospitality and education, plus 9 years of experience working in hotels and restaurants, Kristina’s expectations on quality services are like no other. She’s trained her team of professional cleaners to uphold the same high standards of cleaning and exceptional customer service skills as the hotels and restaurants she used to work in.

What also makes Home Style Cleaning unique to other local cleaning companies is our aim. Our aim is not just to simply clean and leave. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients solve the common problem of keeping their homes clean and organised. This is not something that many people haver knowledge on and is a common issue that many households struggle with. But Home Style Cleaning can help with this.

Whilst of a high standard, our services are still reasonably priced. We want to provide affordable services carried out by professional cleaners to give our clients time to focus on more important things in life than cleaning.

If you’ve been searching for professional cleaners, get in touch with Home Style Cleaning today.