So, you’ve decided that you’re in need of some extra help with household cleaning. This is a fantastic decision as you can have more time for yourself and to spend with loved ones and come home to a beautifully clean home. Why should you choose Home Style Cleaning for your cleaning needs? We’re a cleaning company with a difference.



Home Style Cleaning was started by Kristina in 2018. After being left thoroughly unsatisfied with cleaners continuously letting her down, Kristina decided to start her own cleaning company. She was tired of cleaners having poor cleaning abilities and standards, not showing up to appointments and poor communication.

Kristina has come from working for more than 9 years in hotels and restaurants, so her standards of cleanliness and service are unbeatable.



We’re a boutique cleaning company and pride ourselves on providing high quality cleans with experienced, professional, and friendly staff. Our aim is not only to clean and leave. We want to help our clients to keep a clean and organised home.

Our clear communication with clients and attention to detail means that we continuously go beyond our client’s expectations. We are flexible with our booking times; we work around your schedule and needs.

Once we book an appointment with you, you can rest assured that your cleaner will show up. If there is some unlikely circumstance that prevents your cleaner from attending, you will be informed as soon as possible and another clean can be arranged at your convenience.

More importantly for our clients, our services whilst being of the highest standard remain affordable.


You can trust Home Style Cleaning to provide you with an excellent clean at an affordable price, with friendly staff. Get in touch with us today to chat about booking your first cleaning appointment.